The NHS- the unappreciated gift



Since its conception, the NHS has strived to provide free healthcare to the people of Britain. The key word there being FREE. People seem all too quick to criticise the amount we pay in tax towards the NHS without thinking about the huge benefits it brings to millions. The concept of being able to provide lifesaving treatment to those who would not otherwise be able to afford it is something we should be loudly proud of, not complaining about.

All you have to do is look across the pond to America to see what life without the NHS would look like. They have to pay for any care they want or need, as if we have any control over accidents or illnesses. Sure, we would pay less in tax, or free up billions of pounds to spend elsewhere, but that’s not the point. The fact that we don’t have to worry about a serious injury financially crippling us is something I’m sure everyone wants to keep. Imagine if Breaking Bad had happened in Britain, under the NHS it would have been no problem.

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Missed the Bob Friend Memorial Lecture?


Thanks to a dedicated team of students from across the years we have video and twitter accounts of how the night unfolded. Want to watch the whole thing? The entire lecture (Q&As included) is in the video underneath. Got less time? Whiz through our storify collection of tweets and lessons from the night. 


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Electives Session Year 2


There will be an elective module session on Monday, 4 April at 1.00 in the UG newsroom for all year 2 students.  Module conveners will introduce their elective and answer any questions to inform you choice of electives for next year.  This is an important session so please attend.

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*ALL STUDENTS* Please return overdue kit.


Please return all overdue kit (or indeed kit, especially audio recorders, that you do not actively currently need) by tuesday 22nd march to me (and only me please).

All kit batteries need to be fully charged - that means BOTH batteries in a video camera kit. If the batteries are not fully charged the kit will not be accepted and any subsequent overdue return will incur the penalty.

Please inform me of lost/broken items when you check the kit in.

Lost items will need to be paid for.

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Easter Closure


Students please note that the Campus will be closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday and therefore the newsrooms will not be accessible. It will be open as normal on the Saturday. 


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Reporter vacancies at North Wales News


Barrie Jones, Editorial Director of North Wales News, has several vacancies at his newspapers. Barrie would particualrly like to hear from 3rd year and MA students who have passed the NCTJ Diploma or are on course to complete it soon. Please make yourself familiar with NWN's stable which includes | |

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NCTJ Court Reporting - practice papers


If you're taking the NCTJ Court Reporting exam on Weds March 16th you can pick up a test paper from Anastasia's office. The papers are in a blue box file marked "Sarah" and are called "Sample 1". These are the papers for you to do in your own time if you wish. NOTE: our final Court Reporting sessions are still running this Friday at the usual times.   

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Fear and loathing in electioneering


If I was to start this blog post by launching a tirade against a candidate in an upcoming election who makes unfounded accusations against mainstream Muslims, you’d probably assume I was talking about Donald Trump. Again.

No, while the tycoon and celebrity turned serious presidential candidate has spouted his fair share of nonsense on this subject, what I’m referring to is far closer to home. In my case, about half an hour on the train.

I’m talking about the London mayoral election this year between son of a bus driver Sadiq Khan, and son of a billionaire Zac Goldsmith.

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Are you a second year student? Apply for a KMTV Internship


Hi guys, I come bearing a message from Andy Richards, newseditor at KMTV. He's going to be interviewing second year students to do intern shifts during Easter break, summer and into 3rd year. If you speak to some of the current interns (Jackie Gordon, Sarah Boast, Lauren Meecha, Ali Iveson, Abie Morris and Danny Rust) they will tell you what an incredible opportunity this is. 

To apply YOU MUST HAVE PASSED your NCTJ Essential Public Affairs exam and Essential Media Law. If you've done that, great!

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Congratulations on NCTJ law exam results


Congratulations to the many CfJ students who passed January's NCTJ Essential Media Law and Regulation exam. We had a pass rate of 88 % which is really good going. Special mention to the four students - Louisa Britton, Kishan Koria, Evie Dryden and Devina Serebour - who gained Grade A and very well done to all.    

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