The Les Miserable reference in the title technically does not fit exactly with the content of this blog post but it does fit my mood right now. Today, on the 24th March 2020, roughly 5 months after the US, we finally have Disney+. The new powerhouse of the streaming industry, ready to take out all the competition and conquer the entertainment world.

As you can already tell, I have been waiting for this streaming app to come out ever since it was announced and I scheduled this term’s blogpost for this exact day for this exact reason.


My Personal experience

Originally I planned to start using Disney+ upon launch. I heard about how many problems there were with it when it was first launched in the US. Therefore, Disney would have either learnt their lesson from last time or have even more issues as it is expanded across the world. I stayed up to 1am just for that, only to realise that I forgot to ask for the username and password from the person I’m sharing the account with, so that plan was a bust.


But rest assured, this morning I started the streaming service and was surprised by how smooth Disney+ was. The were no lags and felt more or less like Netflix. It was a little more complicated to add things to your list than Netflix but that will probably change with time. My only other peeve is that the Mandalorian and High School Musical the Musical the Series is having its episodes added weekly, despite the whole series already available in America (probably to stop people from getting Disney+ free trial to binge the Mandalorian and then leave).


Luckily for Disney, they arrived just when everyone is stuck at home and parents can distract their school-less kids with endless Disney content (Very coincidental for Boris to make that announcement last night). I would be streaming Disney+ endlessly today as well but unfortunately this was blocked by my online test today.


My top 10 Disney content

Here is the definitive list of things I’m most looking forward to streaming on this app which should definitely check out.

(WARNING: Some of the content may be held up in quality by nostalgia and may not be as interesting now as it was in a child. I am certain that I will still love it but I make no promises to others).

In no particular order:


1. Lilo and Stitch- Because Ohana means family and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten. This film and the following series is all about family. Stitch, an alien whose sole purpose is to be a killing machine escapes to Earth and becomes the pet of Lilo, a rebel child who is still finding their place in the world. Overall, this is a feel good film (and series) which will keep me sane in the next year of university.


2. Sonny with a Chance- This is probably not the best live action series Disney had but it is one of my favourites. If I remember correctly, the story follows the life of a comedian who gets to join the sketch show of her dreams (basically picture any British kid getting the chance to be part of the cast of Horrible Histories). I need to watch this series because a parody song from this show has been in my head for years and I need to find it to cleanse my sanity. It is currently not on Disney+ but it better be added soon.


3. Wandavision- This is one of the new series coming to Disney+. I am pretty excited for whenever this series comes out because of how crazy the series is going to be. While the story is mostly being kept under wraps, it will feature Vision and the Scarlet Witch from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The former is dead and the latter can literally warp reality and is not dealing with her grief very well (I think you can guess what happens next). This will be one of the first Marvel series which is given as much budget as the blockbuster films and with hints that it will get darker as the series goes on, I really want to watch this show.



4. The Mandalorian- I will probably binge this show first for three reasons. Baby Yoda. It’s live action Star Wars content which is focused on something else than the whole Jedi vs Sith battle which is getting pretty tiring. Baby Yoda (at least not all three reasons aren’t Baby Yoda. Not a complete fake Star Wars fan). I would give a synopsis but I doubt anyone read past Baby Yoda.


5. Ms Marvel- This is probably the Marvel series I’m most excited about watching. I’m mostly looking forward to how they will portray this character on screen. Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American superhero, is one of the most important diverse character from the Marvel Universe and has an incredibly inspiring backstory. Here’s to hoping that story is not ruined when it transfer from comic to screens.


6. HSM Trilogy- Anyone who knows me will not be surprised these films made the list. In fact, I have been trying to plan a High School Musical marathon since half way through first year. Only roadblock was buying the three films. Now that is not an issue, all my friends better get ready for when social distancing is over. I would describe what happens in three films (which probably would not be a lot because it is mostly singing about your feelings) but if you live anywhere except under a rock you will know about it.


7. Phineas and Ferb- I always questioned how long the summer was for Phineas and Ferb but I guess it is more accurate now more than ever. Phineas and Ferb is about two child geniuses who have nothing to do on holiday so decide to go on crazy adventures and create incredible inventions while their sisters tries to bust them for doing those things. It sounds lame but with the whole Perry the Platypus vs Dr Doofenschmirtz side story, I believe it’s interesting enough to carry on however many seasons it went on for (unfortunately I was unable to get to the last episode but I will. I will).


8. The Three Musketeers- This is probably the movie that is the most embarrassing on the list. I’m not talking about the original story. Now any recent series of it. I’m talking about the best adaptation of the story with Donald Duck, Goofy and Mickey Mouse as the three Musketeers. I don’t know why I love this film but I just do and I haven’t watched it in too long. All that's left to say is all for one and one for all!


9. Sky High- Before starting this blogpost, this film was not even in my mind. However, upon checking the catalogue, I found out that this movie will be on Disney+ and it had to be on the list. Sky High was about a group of children with powers going to a school for heroes and sidekicks. It had all the makings of a good morally-strong film without completing any of the lesson arcs. The whole anyone can be a hero; You don’t have to be the same as your parents; labels don’t define you. All this kind of were ignored in the final act but it was still an all-round interesting movie which I haven’t watched in years and deserve a re-watch.



10. Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM)- Ok this is technically cheating because this is not one film but I think it needs to be said that DCOM films were the Netflix Originals before Netflix Originals. By that I mean, where an entertainment service throws a bunch of wacky content at its audience to see whether it works or not. Don’t get me wrong, some of the DCOM films were good and others were bearable (Minutemen) and then, there was Twitches! But all in all, how can you truly understand greatness if you haven’t experienced trash (and that kids is why I still watch Riverdale).