Barack Obama to me represents a massive step forward for the United States. He embodies their nations new ability to accept change and make up for the past. Essentially, America overwhelming voting for a Black president means that it is moving away from what it knows, the traditional candidates and choosing equality and something different.

Obama is the key factor in helping America overcome racism. I think he is exactly the man to unite the country and I respect him even more for deciding to pull troops out of Iraq. 

His campaign has been a whirlwind from the very start. Despite numerous attempts from his competitors to damage his image and reputation, he has prevailed and taken every attempt to label him as a terrorist or corrupt, in his stride. Though undoubtedly he won't be out of the woods yet.

Now he is the president elect, I am curious to see who he chooses for his government. We already know he has asked former Republican Colin Powell to work for him, and obviously Biden is his right hand man so to speak, so who's next?

I am incredibly pleased that he succeeded in gaining the ultimate pass to the White House, John McCain was not the man for the job. He was too old and too typical a politician, whereas Obama atleast to me, seems to be ready to create a new America, not drag on the old one.

The right man for the job.