The election of Senator Barack Obama as President is truly a mile-stone in the history of today's world.
When I switched on my laptop this morning and connected to the internet I was greeted by home page spreads declaring Barack Obama to have "made history". For me this is huge.
This intelligent, family man is truly an inspiration to us all and I foresee a good time ahead of the USA if everything falls into place before the 20th of January.

His speech touched the heart of many and it is impossible not to believe his words. 'It's been a long time coming, but tonight... change has come to America,'
In the past few days, maybe even weeks, this outcome seemed inevitable but now that it is here its true glory is recognised.
Barack Obama promises much to the country and he carries a lot of pressure on his shoulders as he steps into the shoes of George W. Bush who, I think most will agree, won't be missed.

Bring on the new President of the United States!!!!


President Obama