For all 2nd years and MAs who are going to do the NCTJ Broadcast module

Please come to all these sessions to train you for the Broadcast Regulation exam in March

Monday 5th Feb – G1-04 Introduction to these sessions with David Acheson and myself, at 1.00pm (no more than 30 mins)

Wednesday 14th Feb – G1-04 Broadcast Regulation workshop with Malcolm Balen, Executive Editor of all the BBC's Radio & TV News bulletins, 2-5pm

Friday 16th Feb – Regulation Mock exam G1-04, 3-4pm

Friday 2nd March – Regulation Mock exam feedback session G1-04, 3-4pm

(Note: the exam itself Monday 12 March, which will take place in G1-04, 2-3pm.

TV exam is 13 March at 10am

Radio exam is 14 March also at 10 am. The recordings in the radio studio will start at noon that day.)



NCTJ broadcast module: regulation sessions for all students taking this module