More on ePaper: CNN video

Two reasons for checking out this video from CNN. One is for an update on developments in epaper that might ultimately have some impact on the newspaper trade. The other is the ludicrously overblown reporting style that horribly blurs the distinction between journalism and PR. Still, at least he's written to the pictures in his intro...


Um Ian I think you should really clear it with me first before you promote things to the front page, after all I am the editor :D

By KathrynCain

... don't know what I was thinking of.

By Ian Reeves --

Ian Reeves is deputy head of the Centre for Journalism

I think the clearly the power has gone to your head.

By KathrynCain

if you hadn't gone and told Ian that I also had special powers on the website I would have edited your post to ensure that it made sense, Kathryn! =[ 

I could have been like the tooth fairy... 

By Rebecca Hughes

What post doesn't make sense? Seem fine to me.

By KathrynCain

I think the clearly the power...

say what? :D

By jaakpardi

Hmm slightly dodgy typo there, my bad. Stupid thing won't let me delete it though, the battle with technology continues...

By KathrynCain