The youngest ever district councillor for Dover Callum Warriner has spoken out on his time representing Castle Ward. Elected in 2019 for the Conservative Party when he was 19, Mr Warriner, now a law student at Canterbury Christchurch University, has for the first time spoken about his what he has learned from entering politics. 

“I put my name forward as I wanted to make a change in the town, I’ve always had a passion for politics and I believed that I could bring a fresh outlook to the council. 

I think less and less young people feel apathetic towards politics, which is only a positive as they become more engaged and involved. 

As a younger person in politics, you do feel excluded somewhat, but the council and other councillors were always very welcoming to me. I do however, think the Conservative party in particular have a real issue appealing to younger voters, and even younger member- ship. What I particularly admire about Labour is the Momentum movement, and even the movement around Jeremy Corbyn. Only Jacob Rees-Mogg has attracted that level of popularity amongst young people but still not to the same extent.
Locally in Dover and wider in Kent I think younger people are slowly getting involved. I think is upcoming election will speak volumes about how parties connect with people.” 

When asked if he believes
if the voting age should be lowered Mr Warriner simply stated ‘I don’t believe 16-year-olds should be able to vote, I believe that 18 is a good age and an age where you can drink and make many other life decisions so the same should be for voting. Although I was 19 when elected, even at 16 I don’t know if I would trust myself as a young person voting, because I think the education needs to be there in the first place.”

Does he see himself as the future MP of Dover? “Yes. It is an ambition of mine, as I have experience, care about local issues and care about Dover. But, only time will tell.” 

Dover’s youngest ever councillor reflects on their time in politics