Cultural cretin?

You know you're out of cultural touch when you don't recognise two out of the Top Ten most popular internet search terms for the last 12 months. And I have to admit I'm a little hazy on who exactly Jessica Alba is too...

According to Yahoo, the Top Ten for 2008 so far is:

1. Britney Spears
2. World Wrestling Entertainment
3. Barack Obama
4. Miley Cyrus
5. RuneScape
6. Jessica Alba
7. Naruto
8. Lindsay Lohan
9. Angelina Jolie
10. American Idol
Anybody else come across RuneScape before? Or Naruto? Or am I just a tragic old git who should just accept the fact that the world is passing him by.  
Bah! Of course, I remember when it was all just fields...


I do know what runescape is, but not through my own experience. It's like a free online game (i think) that plays on sort Lord of the Rings type stuff (magic and shit) and exciting stuff like that, sounds fun yeah?

Naruto is something from Japan but I don't know what.

Jessica Alba is FIT!

But who or what is Miley Cyrus? 

By robhayes

is something to do with Manga, isn't it? I'm pretty sure you're not missing out on anything special though.

By Rebecca Hughes

Did my research (google) and discovered shes the star of a show called Hannah Montana.

Anyway, turns out she was born in '92 which makes her 16? at most and judging
by the other women on the list, Jolie, Alba, Spears and Lohan... to see shes
number 4 is quite worrying.

By robhayes what the German magazine Der Spiegel called her in a very interesting article about two weeks ago.

Her estimated annual income is 25 million dollars.

She had her birthday party in Disneyland and her parents gave her a puppy. But apart from that she is, as Rob pointed out, a Disney star and represents the company's ideal image of the American teenager. They want her to dress sexy, but to promote "no sex before marriage"?!

Interestingly enough, she's wearing a so-called "purity ring" which her Dad gave to her when she was 13.

But enough about Miley Cyrus, I've got to get back to my essay! 

By laurahartmann

To my shame I know what Naruto and Runescape are, plus who Miley Cyrus is :(

By AlanMcGuinness

Smiley smiley video, in other words.

I managed to register with their online (Japanese?) form and you can then watch films (posted a la YouTube) which you can write directly over.

So you watch films with an increasing number of Japanese (?) scrawls over them.

It's very popular. I first read about it in WIRED, the guy who set it up is called Hiroyuki Nishimura.

He's bizarrely indifferent about its success.

(By the way I was hazy on Naruto and ignorant of Cyrus)

By johnsaunders

Naruto is a Japanese anime (manga too) about a young ninja called Naruto. It's probably had quite a few searches because people download the torrents to get it directly from Japan.

Runescape is a MMORPG designed for six-year-olds who are on dial-up still.

Jessica Alba had an overrated scene in Sin City. She was in Fantastic 4, but thats not worth mentionning.

By James Woodcock

Well, maybe a bit overrated, but that was quite an... interestng (!?) scene. I think I have even a photo of that scene on my phone. Furthermore, I think Alba became first widely known because of the TV show 'Dark Angel'. After that, she's been in a large variety of movies.

Alba in Sin City:

And yeah, Naruto is a huge success in Asia, with more than 400 episodes, or something like that, out now.


By jaakpardi

Whoa there James. Two more terms to baffle me... "download the torrents"?... MMORPG?...

You're just trying to make me feel worse.

By Ian Reeves --

Ian Reeves is deputy head of the Centre for Journalism

what MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) meant after reading about WoW in the papers the other week.

If it's any consolation, I'm pretty sure my Dad still thinks speed is something you can only do on a motor way and that grass is something you mow. 

By Rebecca Hughes

I feel so nerdy lol.

By AlanMcGuinness

We've discussed this before - you're never going to be my perfect guy! 

You a. don't wear glasses, b. are incredibly skinny, and c. are not a geek!

Oh... wherefore art thou Romeo?

Gosh, guys - staying in to try and start my essay has made me go insaaaaaane.



By Rebecca Hughes

I wasn't actually trying to get you to think that at all lol.

By AlanMcGuinness

that was the strangest exchange on this site ive seen. Nice outburst, Becci lol.

By robhayes

there is actually reason behind the madness. I'll tell you the story before everyone thinks I'm a total fruitloop...

On one very cold evening, after one too many snakebites, we were all discussing the lack of men on campus. (Or was it more the lack of my type of guy?) I then had to explain my type... At this point all the boys dissolved into fits of girly giggles (yes, I'm talking about Alan, Alex and Stuart). Alan, then realising he was the total opposite of Mr Right, decided he needed to put on a few more pounds, become more geeky and get some fake glasses. He has been trying his hardest ever since. It has turned into a weird type of "in-joke"... 

By Rebecca Hughes

Double post, blame Peak House's wonderful wireless connection.

By AlanMcGuinness

I actually forgot about it until today tbh. Becci has McGuinness on the brain lol.

By AlanMcGuinness

is the possibility of finishing my essay in time for band night. I think I have highlighted my own problem - if I stopped thinking and started writing I would be finished by now. But apparently there's some type of conspiracy against me in which you're all saying that I won't be finished on time! I am quite frankly heartbroken that you lot have no confidence in me. :O

p.s. you're all right though. I'm still on 500 words. =[ I'm going to go and get some help from student services or whatever it is on sorting myself out at some point. Arghhhhh! Now stop distracting me!


By Rebecca Hughes

Yeah James stop picking on Ian! lol

By KathrynCain

Torrents are P2P (peer-to-peer) files, that allow you to share files. Sharing (download, upload) speed is dependant on the amount of users having (and running in the cp) the torrents. There are various website, tracking torrents (which is considered to be illegal and anti-intellectual-property laws) and enabling you to download them. However, the torrents (files, not files they share) themselves cant be illegal and the websites only enable to track and download the .torrent files.

Due to the vast amount of users uploading and downloading with the torrents, it is nearly impossible for the MPAA/RIAA to seek&destroy the users.

Hope that helps.

By jaakpardi

Aside from Naruto and Runescape I would say I know a fair bit about all the other things. So don't feel too bad about not knowing every item.

Jessica Alba is possibly one of the fittest girls on the planet, watch Honey or Sin City or Idle Hands, all of which she is in. Honestly most girls would kill to look like her.

By KathrynCain

...then I've got to mention the Spears miming on X Factor. My girlfriend was immediately convinced, but, I have to admit, I couldn't believe my ears until about 40 secs in that it was really happening.

I once mimed to the whole of MJ's Earth Song (it's somewhere on YouTube, I think), but I can't conceive of doing it before the nation.

Hmm... more on X Factor after Saturday.

By johnsaunders

...she is famous for her miming more than her singing! I watched her on TOTP years ago and there was no way she could perform the sort of dance routines she used to do and not sound out of breath at all. Entirely unconvincing.

By KathrynCain

Britney always mimed i thought :-s



By robhayes

it's a singing competition, so singing should be involved with guest stars' performances. Mariah didn't dance and was boring, though, so I don't really have a case here.

I guess it I just hate the falseness about it. Does anyone like miming?

By johnsaunders

There's so much going on these days it doesn't matter if you've never heard of kids games and tv shows.

 Its the dementia and going senile that you want to start worrying about!


By rebekahfloyd

Ah yes, dementia. I seem to have left both my mobile and my wallet at home today...

By Ian Reeves --

Ian Reeves is deputy head of the Centre for Journalism