Songs in times of need

Since Stu's 137 song list the other day it has made me wonder what people's opinions are of the greatest songs to listen to when your sad/depressed/in a bad mood/heartbroken etc. Anyone got any ideas, could really use some suggestions. :)


I would listen to The Automatic's Steve McQueen, Kat. And if I was you I'd feel gutted that I didn't hang around and go in their tour bus! 

Those fitties combined with that giant chocolate cake sitting in our kitchen should lift anyone's mood! 

By Rebecca Hughes

"Those fitties"? Perhaps a little degrading lol But thanks, Steve McQueen it is.

By KathrynCain

Radiohead's High and Dry is an awesome track!

However today is a new day and the sun is shining... sort of? So slam on an upbeat song - i'm thinking Hanson and dance away! I'll make you some fizzy jelly with jelly babies in it, because let's face it - that's as far as my kitchen skills go. Then you can pretend that the little jelly babies are the people that you hate the most as you decapitate them. Er, yeah... I should work on this advice thing.

And okay, as opposed to the word "fitties" - those nice young men.

By Rebecca Hughes

Sugar Hill High Gang - Rappers Delight... do it! 


By robhayes

Yes Rob, I know it and like it. You have got to love some of that. Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash are also upbeat and similarly good.

By stuartwilson

with becci!

Add to that some of the boys pepperoni or bananas and youre sorted!


By rebekahfloyd

My hot tip: Joni Mitchell's Blue. Got me through many a long dark night of the soul. Along with a large supply of Cadbury's Caramel.

By Ian Reeves --

Ian Reeves is deputy head of the Centre for Journalism

Where's Stuart when you need him? He probably has a list written up already!


By AlanMcGuinness

Scooby Snacks - Fun Lovin Criminals, never fails to cheer me up :D

On a normal day it's quite poor though, oddly. 

If you want something to 'fit the mood'... one word Radiohead: Street Spirit, No Surprises or High and Dry

By robhayes also a poignant track by Radiohead. Alternatively try anything by Goldfrapp, Massive Attack or Portishead (particularly the latter) for resemblance to Radiohead and their "trip hop" stylings.

By stuartwilson

David Gray should get a mention. His music manages to depress me anyway! It is beautiful though. As for Joni Mitchell - listen to "River", Kat. And Amos Lee's "Colors" is stunning too. Oh have one more - Billy Joel, Vienna.


By Rebecca Hughes

Are both good. David Gray's White Ladder is a nice easy listening, but solemn choice. Whilst Billy Joel (who was interviewed by Melvyn Bragg recently on The South Bank Show, which was really entertaining and enlightening) has his greatest hits out at the moment known as, Piano Man, The Very Best Of. Vienna's a good song, as is Uptown Girl (remember the Westlife version) and also Just The Way You Are (remember the Barry White version haha).

By stuartwilson

If you wondered where I was to respond to yesterday, I was at Bluewater watching Ghost Town with my girlfriend, which was very good by the way I thought. Sorry, no list yet Alan - but if it is being requested? :) haha, maybe not?

Anyway, I suggest to cheer you up listen to anything 80s to mid 90s (well if you want to be cheered up) which constitutes as mainstream and cheesy (with ridiculous lyrics, but fun, has big stupid hair, shoulder pads, looks like a teenage angst-ridden cherub-like muppet, has a great melody, a great rhythm which you can sing and dance along to and finally a superbly good and cheesy pop video), this is usually effective. This could be any of the following:

The power of the synthesizer helped create, Erasure, Depeche Mode, Yazoo (known as Yaz in the US - and this song was sampled by The Saturdays for the 2008 track Is This Love), New Order, Pet Shop Boys (with footage of the brilliant Pet Shop Boys film, "It Couldn't Happen Here", starring Joss Ackland and Barbara Windsor), Electronic (a New Order, Pet Shop Boys and The Smiths supergroup, also please view the song "Disappointed" - you won't be!), Saint Etienne (Sarah Cracknell, the lead vocalist partnered Mark Brown for 2008's single "The Journey Continues", which featured the Lloyds TSB advert sample), OMD, Tears For Fears (award for the ugliest group ever, apart from maybe The Cars), Simple Minds, A Flock Of Seagulls, Human League (from the musical hotbed which is Sheffield, which also produced ABC, Def Leppard and Pulp), Duran Duran, Eurythmics (also take a look at the great singles "There Must Be An Angel" and "Here Comes The Rain Again"), A-Ha ("Take On Me", later covered by boyband A1), Ultravox, Propaganda (alternatively, try the peculiar song "Dr Mabuse"), Talk Talk (you'll recognise the song, it was covered by Gwen Stefani in No Doubt in 2004 - also try the track, "Today"), Heaven 17 (another Sheffield group whose members evolved mainly from Human League), China Crisis (probably the cheesiest group ever of this period, you should visit an even cheesier song of theirs called "Tragedy & Mystery") etc...don't want to list them all haha. If you also want a laugh, watch either Kraftwerk's The Robots, or, The Model (a UK #1 single in 1981 believe it or not). Perhaps now I come to think of it, Kraftwerk are the ugliest group ever?

Oh and it also proves how you can still be a journalist and a musician. Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys was assistant editor of Smash Hits before going in to music and Bob Stanley of Saint Etienne is a freelance journalist who writes for The Guardian amongst others. Not that I'm saying we should become musicians :).

As for today, probably The Killers - Read My Mind - classic track. As is, Muse - Supermassive Black Hole - never fails to disappoint.

However some of the aforementioned 80s and 90s groups go to prove they don't make music as cheesy, but heart-warming as they used to.

Also try Fleetwood Mac's 1987 album, Tango In The Night for rock with "pop sensibility" (as music journalists often coin) whatever that means? It spawned some very likeable (but commercial) tracks, including Everywhere, Little Lies, Seven Wonders (excuse the bizarre/repugnant vocal, which ruined a great song, thanks Stevie "I'm often called a witch" Nicks), Big Love, Tango In The Night (don't be confused - this is actually Fleetwood Mac as a whole, Lindsey Buckingham played guitar and performed vocals in the group) Isn't It Midnight.


By stuartwilson

No Manowar again! but a nice Muse mention :D haha

By robhayes

Kat, can I firstly say it is a pleasure to help you. Secondly, your favourite David Tennant took his name from his idol, Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys. It's a fact. An excellent choice in my view.

Enjoy the songs Kat :), or whatever you're doing today.

By stuartwilson

Thanks everyone for the help! Especially to Stuart for once again going beyond the call of duty! :) It is appreciated. Also, lol at Ian for suggesting Chocolate, made me laugh so thanks.

By KathrynCain

Kat, to cheer you up, perhaps watch some of these synth corkers by Devo - Whip It (please no bondage connotations, I just think the song is hilarious) and Thomas Dolby - She Blinded Me With Science.

Devo's plastic hats were used as a McDonald's happy meal toy called New Wave Nigel, which Devo later sued McDonalds for this year, for copyright on their weird flower pot type hats. Meanwhile, Thomas Dolby played the synthesizer in Foreigner's hit single Waiting For A Girl Like You. Also, the scientist on the video called Magnus Pyke, used to be on the telly spurting out his wisdom. He has since died.

By the way, that Saturdays track is actually called, If This Is Love. Excuse my mistake.

By stuartwilson

"Whip it" is such a tune. I always wanted one of those hats.

This is the band I told you about Kat after Nick kept on using the word "Devo".

Stuart, I think we should teach everyone the dance moves after James Bond tomorrow night! 

By Rebecca Hughes

So many replies, oh my god lol. I didn't know the Pussycat Dolls did tainted love! I'm a fan of the Soft Cell version myself. I'm actually going to go find half these songs now, oh dear it will take a long time!

By KathrynCain

Kat, perhaps going back to the 80s cult, try Spandau Ballet - Instinction (which by the way is a ridiculously made up word), who are also famous for Gold and True.

Perhaps also Soft Cell - Tainted Love by the bizarre creature that is Marc Almond. The song was later covered by the god-awful Marilyn Manson. It was also covered by The Pussycat Dolls for the song Tainted Love (Where Did Our Love Go) on their debut album and sampled in Rihanna's 2006 song SOS.

Maybe another alien life form who did good music to try out, is Gary Numan. This 80s weirdo (formerly part of a brief group called Tubeway Army) who often wrote about aliens and other species did have class in fact, when he wrote Are Friends Electric and Cars. The former was sampled on Sugababes' 2002 track, Freak Like Me.

Another suggestion, which was a UK club hit of the 80s (yes, a club hit, like OMD's Souvenir) is Midge Ure (also of Ultravox) in Visage with the song Fade To Grey.

And finally possibly one of the other most cringe-laden groups of the 80s, Scritti Pollitti, who had hits with Absolute and Perfect Way. This group, led by Green Gartside (yes, that's right, Green Gartside, though he wasn't actually green) featured a lot of idiots (including Green) parading around in shell suits, which are now what you would refer to as track suits today. Green with his fluffy blonde hair managed to create a few silly tunes in his times.

Speaking of shell suits, a common wearer of the shell suit in the 80s, is a man called David Icke. Icke, who once played for Coventry City football club in goal, later started to become religiously obsessed (spouting gospel drivel - believe me it was), presented BBC TV programs and sported hideous multicoloured "shell suits." This summed up the 80s from my perspective.

Anyway, talking of summing up the 80s, I think the majority of tunes I have picked here (which are a great cheesy laugh, but catchy and brilliantly upbeat) emphasise the industrial, political and social contexts in their videos. Well, especially in the China Crisis, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics and Human League videos, which show the grimey existence of staple industries in the north and the ever growing financial sector in the south. Also, the Human League video shows how great Sheffield is/was. Well, when I say great, I mean in a rather take the mick type way. Seeing as how most of my family hail from the north and Sheffield particularly, it depicts the sluts, the fashions and the cars, the drab architecture which existed in this period. And if you look closely in the Human League video, the Rover SD1 is used. What a car!

Right, enough of that...rant over.

PS if you want more on the 80s as a period which contains the above, just watch the BBC cop show, Ashes To Ashes.


By stuartwilson

I'll put some songs on a cd for you that I listen to for inspiration when I'm down.

By johnsaunders

Thanks John! Hey if your up for it some of us are seeing James Bond tomorrow, sorry didn't ask before, didn't know if you were on facebook. :S

By KathrynCain

Becci will officially love you now John, we have become rather fond of the Jolene song on the cd. Thanks by the way, 'tis very pleasant. :)

By KathrynCain

10 geek points for putting Ray Lamontagne on that CD, John!

I asked Kat if the CD was good and she mentioned a song called "Jolene" at this point I think I started getting excited and jumped up and down. I had forgotten about that bearded genius! Unfortunately, I left all his stuff on my pc at home.  

By Rebecca Hughes

I basically mooch my taste in music of my friends whose collective finger is firmly on the button with regards to rarely heard stuff.

He's good, though, Ray. I'm also a HUGE Jeff Buckley fan. And Jason Mraz, too.

I was gonna sing Jolene at the open mic last night but it was cancelled, and I'd learnt it especially! Gutted.

Anyway, glad you like it.

By johnsaunders

A nice bit of S Club 7 always cheers me up when im down...:)

By mylowilkin

I sang Bring it All Back at the karaoke the other week, what a tune.

And Hearsay! does anyone remember them? I'm such a sucker for singing talent shows...

By johnsaunders

As above, no. lol

The only way S-Club 7 and rock should be in the same sentence is as follows:

"a member of s-club 7 got hit by a giant rock"

"hey everyone, i just chucked a massive rock at one of the those people in s-club 7" 

By robhayes

There's a lovely S Club song to fit the latest news - S Club 7 are making a comeback. But it's more S Club 3 because Bradley, Jo and Paul are the only ones to have signed up. They're touring universities apparently. Let's just hope that they don't come here because I'm definitely not going to end up on their tour bus.

By Rebecca Hughes

Back in the day I was a die-hard S Club 7 fan and when Paul Cattermole stunned thousands by leaving, my pre-pubescent, teenie-bopper heart was shattered.

So for Paul to be one of the comeback kids is highly amusing!

Ok so their tourbus may not bright orange and filled with capri-sun and Shaun of the dead and bananas but you gotta admit it'd be fun going back in time and partying like its 1999 again!!!

By rebekahfloyd

If Rachel Stevens isn't on the bus, im not on the bus! lol.

So thats, Spice Girls, Boyzone, Spice Girls and Take That, that have all made little comebacks, although Take That have done a very good job I think, I say that as an observer NOT a fan!

Where are the Vengaboys, I know they had like 2 songs but i'm think a second coming of the Vengabus will be sure to get everybody jumpin', from New York to San Francissco I bet!

That was shameful of me and I apologise. :(

By robhayes

S Club 7 back in the day, but Hearsay? They were a band for all of 5 seconds!

By KathrynCain