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Moral Hazard


Amid collapsing banks, yo-yoing share prices and widespread insecurity it is natural to look for a culprit. The difficult bit is choosing the villain. Did the banks - particularly the de-mutualised building societies - completely lose touch with reality in their hunger to expand market share? Should their senior executives shoulder all the blame, or is there such a thing as political responsibility?

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Liberty, Equality, Bankruptcy


Two contrasting stories from France this morning draw attention to the state of flux in our industry and its still robust ability to challenge official orthodoxy. 

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Paying for the Future


How will expensive reporting be paid for in the multimedia future? Can the web fund future Bob Woodwards and Paul Foots? I believe Centres like ours must contribute to the search for economic models that can preserve the quality and plurality of journalism. I've written about the topic at greater length today on the Guardian's CommentisFree website.  

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