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TV news day year 3 briefing


Hello everyone.

Could everyone please meet at/stay in newsroom two tomorrow at 4pm after the newswriting exam, to discuss Thursday's TV news day.

We will talk about individual roles for the day including those who are not being assessed.

We will also talk about how many packages there will be in the programme, decide how many two-ways and live guests there may be and how the structure of the day should go.

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Three of the month


Here’s my three albums of the month which are worth investigating.

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Royksopp - Senior


Artist: Royksopp

Album: Senior

Released: Monday September 13th

Label: Wall of Sound

Genre: Electronic/'Electronica'

Price: £9.99 (HMV)

Concept albums were once commonplace in the music industry. Grand, innovative art forms, dabblers in the 'concept' included everyone from Pink Floyd with Dark Side of The Moon to Kraftwerk and The Man Machine.

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Should politics mix with broadcasting?


The BBC's denial of Mark Thompson meeting with Downing Street ministers to discuss spending cuts and the 'compromising' of its independence is an interesting one.

According to the BBC News website Mr Thompson was seen 'walking into Downing Street holding a memo from BBC's head of news, describing its new season of programmes about the government's spending review.'

Mr Thompson's spokesman said the director general 'discussed the possible participation of ministers in programmes about the spending review.'

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Three for the month


Here's three records which have been released this month and are worthy of adding to your ipod this month while it's still here.

Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

Already described by some as the band's masterpiece, Montreal's Arcade Fire have moved away from claustrophobic remnants of Joy Division-esque isolation and closer to Coldplay and MGMT's mainstream territory on 2010's The Suburbs.

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Schumacher's shenanigans show a dangerous decline


In sport, great victories and moments of pure genius can be toppled by sheer incompetence, idiocy or outrage.

Take England's disastrous football World Cup exit in South Africa in June with Frank Lampard's wrongly disallowed goal which in some quarters overshadowed Germany's emphatic  4-1 winning performance and England's deficiencies.

Or perhaps last October's revelations by tennis' Andre Agassi admitting to recreational drug use and lying about taking crystal meth in 1997 to escape a drugs ban.

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It's time for fairness from Ferrari and Fernando


The twitch of his cap, the finger in his ear and the staring at the floor.

Whether Fernando Alonso’s reaction in a post-race interview with BBC Sport reflected his discomfort after the controversial result at this Sunday’s German Grand Prix remains unclear. 

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Top 10 tracks to download this month


My 10 essential tracks to download this month...

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Four Lions - to boycott or not?


Away from the election aftermath...for a moment at least.

Four Lions, a film created by satirist Chris Morris depicting four suicide bombers is hoping to be boycotted at cinemas by the London 7/7 bombings victims families.

Relatives of 7/7 victims including Graham Foulkes argue the comedy is too closely aligned to real events while the film's producers say they "did not mean to cause offence."

Morris - of the BBC's The Day Today and Channel 4's Brasseye fame - has centred the film around the bombers attacking the marathon.

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Goldfrapp - Head First



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