Year 3 Journalism Project supervisors

Journalism Project supervisors for the Year 3 undergraduate group are as follows:

Richard: Alexandra, Wiktoria, Jamie, Adam

Rob: Fasika, Busayo, Chloe, Juliana

Angela: Charlotte, Charlotte, Shinissa, Jennifer

Ian: Henry, Hugo, Ben, Georgia

Please make an appointment to see your supervisor as soon as possible.

Year 3 radio news day roles

The roles for Friday's radio news day are:

Editors: Lucy Ross-Millar and Kelsey Williams

Exec team: Alan McGuinness and Jaak Pardi

Assessed reporters: Beckah Floyd, Alex Fisk, James Woodcock, Zehra Mullick, Nick Poskitt, Mylo Wilkin, Stuart Wilson

News team: Becci Hughes, Kat Cain, Rob Hayes, John Saunders

Extra shorthand sessions for year 2

Kenn Toft has kindly offered to run some extra shorthand sessions for those second years preparing for their exams on Friday. He'll be in the main newsroom from 9am until 9.30am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week for anyone who wants some extra help.

Please do take advantage of this - we're very lucky to have a tutor as diligent as Kenn on our team.


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