Year one radio news day on Thursday

Conference is at 0930. Come smartly dressed, as if to interview Theresa May.

Come with ideas for stories you can do on the day. If you can make any calls before, that would be great.

Lee says he will be encouraging you to think about local stories during Reporting in the coming days.

Finally, come down to the small newsroom on the first floor, G1-03 at 1205 on Wednesday after History of Journalism and Laura will run through some of the production things you'll need to remember on the day. 


Year 3 solo radio newsday

This runs 1000 to 1200 in the big newsroom downstairs on Friday. Then we'll have a short break and a rota for the read throughs upstairs in the big radio studio.

Please come a few minutes early to log on.




Good blog on shooting video on your phone

Everyone doing the NCTJ portfolio at the CFJ -- that is, all students doing the NCTJ Diploma -- needs to shoot a simple story on their phone.

So I was pleased to find this blog by a BBC journalist about how he is making shooting some quite ambitous stuff on his phone:

It's very good. Take a look. He's updating as he learns more about how to manage the workflow.



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