The "Sunlight" Centre

The Sunlight Centre, Gillingham. A practice of unprofessionalism.

Let us start.

“Sunshine and sunlight are synonymous, but still subtly different. Sunshine generally refers to the illumination outside on a sunny day, particularly the visible light, and has strong positive emotional connotations. "He's a regular ray of sunshine" is a way of describing an infectiously happy person.”

And also…

A Guide to the Michelin Guide

“Consult the MICHELIN Guide gastronomic destinations around the world and discover the best restaurants and talents.”

Every year a little red book is published, a book in which specific gastronomic ‘experts’ judge and rate the very finest of the culinary world. They do this by dishing (ha-ha) out up to a maximum of three stars to whom they believe to be the best deserving restaurants and restaurateurs alike. That book is called the Michelin guide. The same company that make car tyres. Cuisine…and car tyres.

Snooker Loopy No Longer Nuts Are We

As a 23 year old male (23 and 12 months next month) with ‘Sex Pistols’ tattooed up his left forearm, you’d be excused for not immediately branding me as a huge snooker fan. Yet that indeed I am. As I sit (very much alone) in my room, fixated on a 3 hour recorded clip of Doug Mountjoy vs Steve Davies in the 1981 world championship final. You will more than likely laugh at why I wonder why I’m almost entirely alone when it comes to snooker and my age bracket. 

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