Latest jobs in journalism for CfJ students

It's always a great pleasure to see how our former students are making their way in the world of journalism. Here's a quick update on some of the latest employment news that has filtered back to us recently:

Laura Garcia Rodriguez , who graduated last summer from the Masters in Multimedia Journalism, is working for Meridian TV and BBC Radio Kent;

Jacob Lewis, from the same course, has a job as a sub-editor on the tablet version of The Sun;

Lizzie Massey, also from last  year's MA group, has started work as a reporter on the Gravesend Messenger;

Katherine Purvis, another of the 2012 MA class, is working for the Somali Relief and Development Forum (SRDF) – an umbrella organisation representing seven small NGOs working in Somalia;

Claire Burke and Karolina Kaminska also got their MAs last summer, and are working on ITV's new series of Surprise Surprise!;

Simon Jayawardena got his MA in 2011, and is working on a documentary with Emmy-award winner Susan Steinberg called Mirrors to Windows.

Lewis Dyson also graduated from the MA course in 2011, and is working as a reporter on the Sittingbourne Messenger and writing the Kent Messenger Group's film blog;

Elena Deleida, also from the MA  class of 2011, is working at Sky Italia;

Samuel Luckhurst, who also took the MA course in 2011, is a sports reporter at the Huffington Post;

Paul Dunne, who graduate this year from the BA degree programme, has a fully-paid internship in the Communications department of in Luxembourg, leading projects involving video, design and social media.

Ella Copeland, another BA graduate of 2012, is a staff writer for magazine and digital publisher WDM Group.

Angela Davey, also from the 2012 BA, is recently back from assignment in Berlin for Terrorizer magazine;

2012 BA graduate Dan May is working for the commercial department of fashion business magazine Drapers International;

And if any CfJ alumni are out there with employment news we haven't covered before, please do drop me a line. We'd love to brag about your achievements.



More pressure on us then ;)

Also, Ian - don't know if this was posted a while ago and I missed it - but I *think* Lewis, a former post-grad I believe, now works for the Swale desk of the Kent Messenger...he was there on a temp basis then applied for a full-time post over summer. 

If he never went here, I'll feel foolish!

By Scott Mitchell

I'm pretty sure that Dan May has landed a job as well, it's not strictly journalsim I don't think but pretty close!

By Jem Collins

Thanks Jemma, I'd missed that - I've updated the list.

By Ian Reeves --

Ian Reeves is deputy head of the Centre for Journalism

I believe Nick Gutteridge is working at the Surrey Advertiser?

By Karolina Kaminska

I also believe Ali Houghton now has a newsy job as well!

By Jem Collins

Hey Ian! 

Nikki has done super well working as a runner for BBC Newsround!

I have just signed a contract to work as a junior reporter at the Hinckley Times, where I have been freelancing. 

Hope everyone at the CFJ is doing well.

MIss you all! 

By Harriet Robinson

Great news Harriet - I feel another update coming on, with details of these and others. More next week. I think it's Newsbeat, rather than Newsround, that Nikki is working on.

By Ian Reeves --

Ian Reeves is deputy head of the Centre for Journalism

Thanks Ian! Everyone seems to have done really well!

And it's deffinitely Newsround that she's at- up in Salford.

By Harriet Robinson

Harriet, that is great news. Really well done. We are very proud of you. 

By richardpendry