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Spare graduation ticket?


Does anyone have any spare tickets going for graduation? I just need one for my Nan who apparently has assumed she is coming and would be very upset if she couldn't attend!

I would obviously pay for any ticket if anyone can spare one. 


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So about this deadline...?


Are we going to hear any time soon when the second reporting conflict essay is due as the first week of January has now passed and there has been no word?

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Print Newsday information


 The conference for the newsday tomorrow will be at 8am in the big newsroom please come with plenty of ideas. The paper is an evening paper for Friday. It will be the Optimus Times again.

Alan and Kelsey as non-assessed reporters will be working together to do the leader and opinion/editorial pages and Becci will be in charge of the production and putting copy on the pages. Nick will help with picture bylines so please email him a photo you would like to appear in the paper.

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Race for Life Maidstone 2010


 As many of you will know I was entered to run in Cancer Research UK's Race for Life at Mote Park in Maidstone. The 5km race was yesterday (Sunday 6 June) and started at 11am.

My younger sister Becca and I went in the joggers section and my mum and older sister Jess went in the walkers. It was a really great day, although it was difficult in some places as the

park had uneven surfaces and steep hills. 

I finished in approximately 43 minutes with Becca not far behind. Apparently the first and lone runner to come through was at 19 or 20 minutes in. 

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Race for Life


 Can everyone who has offered to sponsor me for Cancer Research Race for Life please bring their donations in by the end of the week please as the race itself is in June and I won't be able to collect it from people. Thanks very much for your generosity.

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Suspect pictures


Watching Channel Five late news last night I was struck by something odd in a piece about President Obama. The package said it was his first trip to soldiers in Afghanistan since he became president last year, yet the pictures they used were clearly labelled 'library pictures.' The problem here is that the images did contain Obama himself, so how, if he has only just landed in Kabul, could they use library pictures in their bulletin...unless they are pictures of Obama meeting other soldiers...in Iraq?? Something to think about.

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Please Sir can I have some more?


So I noticed that most of the Modules Notes stuff has disappeared, thus narrowing down my options for doing some shorthand. At the risk of sounding like a nerd, would it be possible to get some of the 80-100 wpm dictations back or some new ones? (puts on very sad puppy eyes) :D For some reason all I have on my laptop are 40, 60 and 70 wpm passages...not very helpful.

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And next I hope to conquer the world...


As some of you may know I am back at the Kent Messenger for a while and today met someone very cool.

Today I was asked to go do a video in Maidstone town centre where Kent Police Chief Constable Mike Fuller was walking around "on the beat" with local cops.

You may remember him as a potential candidate for the post of Met Comissioner after Sir Ian Blair was ousted.

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The Cabinet reshuffled


A great example of what can be done in online journalism and also a really good way to explain who is in the new cabinet and who isn't.

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Excuses, excuses


For those of us who have ever made excuses about not having done our homework (which lets face it, is most of us), here is an example of when things really do go wrong...

So sorry Kenn and Margaret but the cat ate my shorthand.

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