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5 places that aren't on your bucket list (but should be)


Looking for your next getaway?

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Let´s talk about the big nasty F word


It´s 2017 and here I am adding on to the continuously growing manifesto. Another one of the millions of fed up women who just want the one thing we should have earned the second we were born: equality. In the spirit of International Women´s Day, we are going to talk about the one word that seem to terrify and disgust people more than pineapple on pizza. We are going to talk about feminism. So what is it that transformed the perception of such an empowering movement into some kind of lesbian whining committee?

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A year in retrospective: is there hope for 2017?


Another year has passed, and we are knocking on yet another door with promises of new chances, hope and renewal: the door of 2017.New year, new beginnings?

The past year has been a turbulent one. A year that has not only changed the face of world politics, war and extremism, but one that has resurfaced the issues of xenophobia, racism and fear yet again. 

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