Sky News Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship: the shortlist

All those who applied for the Sky News Bob Friend Memorial Scholarship have now been contacted individually, so I can publish details of the shortlist. Congratulations go to (alphabetically) Laura Hartmann, Alan McGuinness, Lucy Ross-Miller, John Saunders and Kelsey Williams. They will undergo a written test and a panel interview tomorrow (and should check their emails for some addditional details).

NCTJ student representative

This is just a reminder that I need the undergraduates to have collectively selected an NCTJ representative by tomorrow by whatever means necessary. If not, I'll have to lock you all in a room in the morning until white smoke emerges. 

Trouble for citizen journalism pioneer OhMyNews

On the face of it, the news that one of the world's pioneering 'citizen journalism' sites is ending its payments system for contributors could be seen as good or bad news for the industry. On the one hand, the decision by OhMyNews could be taken as proof that consumers don't particulary value content from what was largely a workforce of enthusiastic volunteers with no formal training in journalism. Best leave it to the professionals, right?


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