A defence of football fans

In recent weeks, football fans have come in for a bit of a kicking in the media in the wake of a number of incidents. 

It started a month ago with the man who ran onto the pitch at Birmingham and assaulted Jack Grealish, and since then, incidents involving fans have become front page news. In recent times we have seen more incidents of objects being thrown at players, and sadly more and more stories about racism aimed at players.

My love-hate relationship with my football club

I think there are three types of football fan. The hopelessly optimistic, the realist, and the horribly pessimistic. We’ll leave out the hooligans for now, because I think they stretch the definition of fan slightly too far.

Of those, I count myself amongst the pessimistic, and I have been informed this on multiple occasions. I’d like to think I’m more of a realist, but sadly that just isn’t the case. I do though feel I have some cause for my constant cynicism, as being a supporter of Yeovil Town, there isn’t really too much to be positive about these days. 

The Magic of the Cup

We’ve been hearing for a number of years that the FA Cup is dead. We’re told that the big teams rest too many players, the fans don’t care about it much, and it’s lost its magic. But in 2018, 147 years after it was founded, the FA Cup is well and truly and alive.

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