Mother's Day without my mum

I lost my mum at 14 and it was a blur. I don’t like telling people because I hate getting pitied. I doubt half of my class knows.


- This is not a 'poor me' post. It's simply a large part of my life that I felt like sharing. :)


My mum was more than just a mum, she was my best friend.


I survived two strokes...

Yep, you read that right! And it’s something I often don’t tell people. I like to freak them out when I do eventually them. But I feel like it is something I should open up about, and where better than on a blog where all the students who are studying my course and my lecturers can see. Please understand that this all happened to me, none of it is fiction, I am making myself vulnerable by posting this!! 

Photography is very much alive

Photography right off the bat is an incredibly skilful artform to me, it brings things to life and is so much more than just 'point and shoot.' It can capture a moment which may seize to exist ever again, it can proceed to manifest the exact emotion of that moment felt by those who are in it and finally, it can distil a memory on a piece of photography paper bringing back the event and making it seem so very real.  Not only can it represent an embodiment of a fond memory, it is true that as the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words.

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