NCTJ Law - attention Year 2s and MAs


If you were not at last Friday's classes, please go to Nicola's office and pick up an EML exam test paper. They are in a blue box file marked "Sarah" on top of the filing cabinet.  This is the first of the test papers we'll be working through prior to your exam in January so it's really important that you bring your paper - and your McNae - to your Friday class.  

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Dear Student Journalists...An Open Letter


With the confessionals recently taking place within these walls and within close proximity to myself about the unfavourable disadvantages of being a student journalist, the advantages need to be stated.

When encountering reticence to journalistic progression, it must be remembered the onus is never on your source to oblige you, but on you to convince your source to want to. The greatest advantage afforded to the student journalist is to their considerable personal advantage: the lack of any credibility.

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NCTJ Awards triumph for Boglarka


Congratulations to BA Journalism graduate Boglarka Kosztolanyi, who last night won the prestigious National Council for the Training of Journalists Award for Student Project of the Year.

Centre for Journalism staff were out in force at the ceremony at Hampton Court Palace to support Boglarka, who had been nominated for her superb third-year project Echoes of Horror - a multimedia investigation into the rise of the far right in eastern Europe and the fears of those who survived the concentration camps of World War 2 that history might be repeating itself.

Sky News political correspondent Sophie Ridge presented the awards, and Boglarka's project was praised by a judging panel of senior journalists for its  investigative rigour and use of immersive multimedia storytelling techniques.

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STUDENT Journalist? ... No thank you


With our ominous deadlines looming, and mild panic surrounding the many words needing to be written for various essays; I feel as though this is the perfect oppourtunity to vent my frustrations at being a student journalist. That's not to say I have a problem with actually BEING a student journalist. What I do have a problem with though is that NOBODY WANTS TO TALK TO ME. 

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International Christmas tea - Small newsroom 6th December 1.15pm.



 Everyone is welcome to join us for a relaxing break from work and deadlines.


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Work Experience at BBC R2's Jeremy Vine Show


The latest opportunity to do work  experience at the Jeremy Vine is up for grabs:  Successful applicants will be given 2 weeks of work experience on the show which now has the biggest audience for a current affairs programme on BBC Radio. It has 7.5 million listeners, slightly more than R4's Today Programme. The experience will take place at some point in the New Year. The application window closes on the 29th November.

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Football, football, football


I know, I know. Football isn’t the most interesting subject to read about in a blog post. Not really as important as politics and/or social issues and not nearly as interesting as cultural pieces and/or funny stories. Even I don’t like to talk seriously about football.

Yet after what happened this week, I can’t think about anything else and can’t remember the last time I was this happy.

Because Peru is in the World Cup! We are in the World Cup!

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Minimum alcohol prices, sugar taxes, and regressive progressivism


(This piece was originally published on Backbench UK here, you can find my profile here)

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Disability History Month



The university is running a series of events to mark Disability History Month - take a look and follow the links below for more information.

Below is a message from Student Support and Wellbeing about this.


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Help, I'm killing the planet!


I fly a lot.

Before you get excited about learning “15 Must-Have Packing Tips” or “7 Ways to Cheat TSA into Letting You Bring Peanut Butter Even Though It’s Apparently a Gel” just let that statement sit there for a minute. As the headline of this post may have clued you on to, this is not that kind of post.
This fall, I got an e-mail from my low-cost airline of choice that equally pleased and horrified me.

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