I jumped out of a plane


It was before my 19th birthday, and I was thinking what shall I do for my birthday, although I’ve booked my experience for sharking feeding. Then I saw a post from my friend on Facebook. It was a certificate for skydiving and then I showed it to my mum, she said, you could do the same.


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I just bought £145 worth of human hair


I’ve just purchased £145 worth of Brazilian straight human hair.  


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Interested in politics? Pollstation is looking for writers #GE2017


Want to build your portfolio? Get published? Write about interesting issues?

"Pollstation" - is an online media / publishing startup that runs polls (similar to YouGov) and provides their readers with neutral briefings on the topics they poll. 

They are looking for an opportunity to work with keen students to help produce subject briefings for Pollstation. The purpose of our briefings is to provide our readers with a concise, balanced, factual digest - outlining the background, and explaining the various arguments on either side of each issue being debated / polled.

More info here:

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Pelé - Everyone's favourite fraud


Pele is, detached from football, a Brazilian icon. He represents what is almost a Hollfywood story of a poor boy raised in the slums, making it as a star and to be fair, I could not even begin to fault the way in which he has made a name for himself and has become a global star with millions to his name. However what I would begin to raise issue with is not the fact that he was an immensely talented footballer – because he most certainly was – all I would argue is that he was nowhere near close to being amongst the best players of all time.

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Year 3 project marks


Marks and feedback sheets for Year 3 projects will be available from Anastasia's office from tomorrow morning.

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If motorsport is dangerous, then why do we watch it?


The weekend before last, I travelled to Donington Park with my dad for a spot of motor racing. More specifically we were watching the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) and the other minor competitions that were acting as support races.


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Mercury in retrograde: astronomers vs. astrologists


If you aren’t into astrology the way I am, you may not quite understand why you hear someone scream “oh no, Mercury is in retrograde again!” - looking as though they fear for their own existence.

We have been in retrograde since April 9th and will be until May 3rd, this isn’t the first time we’ll have a Mercury in retrograde period this year either.

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Gayle Storm


A thick outside edge off 23-year-old Indian bowler Basil Thampi down to third man, and a nonchalantly trotted single. An anticlimactic way to become the first batsman to reach 10,000 runs in Twenty20 cricket, but there you go. Maybe it was nerves. He hit the next ball he faced off the same bowler over mid-off for six. That’s much more like it.

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Court Reporting successes!


Congratulations to the many CfJ students who passed last month's NCTJ Court Reporting exam. Once again we had a pass rate of over 90% which is a terrific testament to the hard work you all put in over a very short time-scale. Lara Elcheik was top scorer with a stonking 86% with Elaine Loke and Charlotte Wardley also hitting the dizzy heights of the 80s. Well done all.  


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