"Change has come to America"

After a tense and drawn out campaign, victory is justified as Barack Obama now becomes the 44th President of The United States of America and more importantly the first ever black American to run the country.

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How To Wash Properly


No, not yourself, but your car. Recently I was shocked to find out the amount of damage that can be done to a cars paintwork by following the age-old tradition of plonking a sponge in a bucket of warm water and then dragging it over the body. Or even worse visiting your local Shell garage to pay £5 for that 'ultra clean' look. In reality, this appearance is farcical when examined in the sunlight. The image below shows a typical paint surface, visible on millions of cars because of the wrong technique employed in the washing stage:

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"Yes we can"


Today, the world celebrates the first mixed race president of the United States of America. However, despite his rhetoric, awe-inspiring speechmaking and total embodiment of the American Dream, can he deliver?

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Obama offers hope for American change


Barack Obama's path to the White House started in the New Year and has now resulted in his confirmed presidency and the dawn of a new America.

Replacing George W Bush from the world's top job is a mean feat and offers the world a chance to glimpse life in this newly sudden utopia generated hysterically by the American electorate and globally.

What is telling from this latest money spinning campaign, which involved Obama's employment of Facebook's founder Chris Hughes helping his cause, is that Obama means business.

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My BBC Breakfast


When I woke up this morning, I'll admit that who won the presidency did not immediately spring to mind. It was more "shit, my fish is dead." Thankfully George wasn't actually dead, he just wasn't moving at the moment in time...

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The right man for the job.


Barack Obama to me represents a massive step forward for the United States. He embodies their nations new ability to accept change and make up for the past. Essentially, America overwhelming voting for a Black president means that it is moving away from what it knows, the traditional candidates and choosing equality and something different.

Obama is the key factor in helping America overcome racism. I think he is exactly the man to unite the country and I respect him even more for deciding to pull troops out of Iraq. 

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How much difference will it make?


Hope is a funny word.

It is undeniable that Barack Obama has
inspired many millions of people across the world. His acceptance
speech was, I think it is fair to say, one of the most remarkable
oratory performances the world has seen. The hope he has instilled in
people, not only Americans but people all over the planet, is

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That hologram in all its glory


CNN's ludicrous hologram experiment last night is now available in all its glory courtesy of Youtube. Click below to play it. We even get an explanation of how it was done.

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I'm So Sad


I'm too disheartened to re-write the blog i just spent half an hour writing and accidently deleted so my view in short is that Obama's journey to Presidency is at risk of overshadowing his Presidency itself. I doubt it but this can often be the case regarding Woodrow Wilson. Ask me tomorrow if you would like me to elaborate but i am too upset to re write the 400 words i just deleted.


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Obama's Victory and Palin's Tears


So Barack Obama is the new President Elect, has defeated the gloomy threat of aMcCain/Palin presidency and brought change not only to America, but, if I understand today's headlines of newspaper web pages correctly, to all of us.

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