TV presenting opportunity - but you'll have to be quick!


The Street Soccer Foundation - a charity that uses the power of football to help homeless people get their lives back on track - is looking for some help from CfJ students to present a series of TV interviews for its Street Soccer Show.

The show's episodes will help to promote the charity to a wider audience via its web site and Youtube. Episodes will include interviews with people who are benefitting from Street Soccer's academy system, interviews with the business that are supporting the cause, and fun football challenges. 

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Want to help with AMMPE's social media presence?


Do you love social media? do you take pride in carefully crafted instastories? Do you want some CV experience running accounts for a big organisation? The Worlwide Association for Women Writers and Journalists' biannual conference is coming to the UK Nov 6-9 and we need some help! The Centre for Journalism is one of 4 partner organisations getting things ready. We are on twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn but need help keeping it updated. Maybe even coming up with an Instagram account. 

We are looking for volunteers to help beef up our online presence. This is an unpaid position that will cover expenses if needed, but it also gives you privileged access to the conference in November. So many incredible journalists will be there. You wouldn't be left alone: our lecturer Laura Garcia will be coordinating and guiding the people who are chosen for this. 

INTERESTED? Please send an email to with a couple of ideas of things that we could do for AMMPE's social media presence. Men and women are welcome to apply for the position. Deadline to express interest is May11th, 2018. 

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Taking the pressure off


In a recent study, completed by the Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention at Hong Kong University, it has been revealed that UK students suicide rates are on the rise. To some people, this may come as a shock. Often the student lifestyle is portrayed as fun, wild and free and for a lot of it, it is. However, there is the side that isn’t always spoken about which is the stress, anxiety and fear that comes with doing a degree. Students pay thousands upon thousands of pounds and spend years studying for a piece of paper that may or may not even get them a graduate job at the end of it.

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The Witcher is getting a TV show and I don't know if I should be excited


A bit of background for those of you who are not as nerdy as I am. The Witcher is a series of books by Poland’s answer to JRR Tolkien, Andrzej Sapkowski. They focus mostly on the adventures of a monster hunter called Geralt of Rivia in a dark fantasy world. It’s a bit like Game of Thrones but with the boring political bits cut out and the magic and monsters wacked up to eleven.

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Sabah is A-grade star of our magnificent 17


Belated but sincere congratulations to the 17 MA and Year 2 students who recently passed the  NCTJ's Essential Journalism exam. 

Sabah Jalal triumphed with a rare A grade and B grades were achieved by Alice Beer, Rob Bryne, Tommaso Dimiddio,  Grace Gausden,  Harry Howard, Max Mead, Daniel Otyway and Laura Trussell.

Well done all. 


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APPLY for two work placements at BBC South East Today


The good folks at BBC South East Today have offered two of our students work experience placements in their Tunbridge Wells newsroom. This is an incredible opportunity for anybody interested in working in broadcast. Both our MA and BA soon-to-be graduates can apply. 

Interested? All you have to do is USE THE FORMAT ATTACHED to write up a story idea for BBC South East, explain why it fits their format and give us a shot list of how you would shoot it. This means you need to watch their programme, get to know their style, the stories they cover, etc. 

Email your proposal to Laura Garcia on and use the format provided here. You need to click on the story to see the whole post - the downloadable format is there.  DEADLINE: 9th of May, 2018  midnight.  


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Why I'm not checking my emails anymore



So let’s start this with boring details about my life: Every morning, no matter where I am or who I’m with, I wake up and check my Kent emails. Call me a masochist but I like to know what I’m missing, which tends to be a lot.

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Eventually, every good biro gets stolen

Is it just me, or is it nearly impossible to come across a decent pen that doesn't stop mid flow for no apparent reason? For most, this is an irritating but survivable occurrence, but for the trainee journalist - whose life depends on passing successive shorthand exams - the random ink stoppage is a disaster. 
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Why (controversially) Final Fantasy 8 will forever be my favourite game


I should probably start with a disclaimer, I love Final Fantasy 8 but I think every Final Fantasy game released pre-2003 needs to be played with some nostalgia behind it. I have no idea how old the people reading this will be, but I'm going to go on about how much I love this game anyway because it has played a huge part in my life… and it's my blog and I can do what I want.

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All rise for an impressive set of NCTJ court reporting exam results


Hearty congratulations to the MA and BA students at the CfJ who sat their NCTJ court reporting exams last month. There were 33 passes, of which 14 were at grade A and 14 at grade B. Particular mention goes to those students who got into the 80s with their marks: Alice Hamilton-Beer (86%); Emma Biginelli (86%); Laerke Christensen (84%);  and Kenneth Sanchez Gonzales (80%).

Thanks to Sarah Fuller for getting everybody up to speed in spite of snow disruption and various other interruptions to the timetable this term.


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