NCTJ Law - attention Year 2s and MAs!


Year 2s and MAs - please don't forget that we will be doing a test in this Friday's NCTJ Law classes.  Just  a few short hours of revision time left.......... 

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Who Embittered the "Bitter Taste of Hope"?!


The Bitter Taste of Hope” is the latest book by Stephen Eric Bronner, a Distinguished Professor of the Rutgers University in New Brunswick. It was published in April 2017 by the State University of New York Press.

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Your Experience Matters!


What do you want from your experience at Kent?  If you are a 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate student, please come to a focus group discussion to tell us!

Discussions for students from the Centre for Journalism will be held at: Wednesday, 22 November, 2017, 13:30, Gillingham Building Room 4-12. 

Also you get FREE LUNCH!!! Find out more and sign up under:

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Public affairs revision sessions


Paul Francis will be running revision sessions for all those (mainly Year 2s) taking or retaking their NCTJ Public Affairs exams. The sessions are on Wednesday 1 November at 2.15, and on Wednesday 8 November at 2.15. Both sesssions will be in the small newsroom.

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The EDL and Me: Or How Urinal Cakes Really Aren’t a Good Way to Get Your Point Across


My first year of university can best be described as ‘adrift at sea’, where at best I worked as hard as I could at being a good journalist and at worst I worked as hard as I could to forget I was a student. I’ve found nothing does the job like dancing like your dad after one too many Stella’s to Earth, Wind & Fire.

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Year 3 project supervisors


Following the year 3 project pitches, we have now allocated supervisors for each student, as shown in the table below.

Remember it is your responsibility to make contact with your supervisor. Do it soon.

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Down and Out in Ulaanbaatar - Part 2


Down and Out in Ulaanbaatar — Part 2


This is a true story.


The events depicted in this account took place in Mongolia in 2014.


At the request of my sources, their names have been changed or omitted.


Out of respect for my colleagues, the rest has been told exactly as I remember it.

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Should we bring back The Medwire?


Wagwan, fam.

I just wrote that to attract attention, I don't know what it actually means.

I was recently passed down the ashes of what was formerly known as 'The Medwire', the independent student magazine for the Medway campus, and wasn't entirely sure what to do.

I know there are some second years interested in relaunching and rebranding as a news website (perhaps with a online video component too?), as this is cheaper and more manageable (no stressful monthly deadlines), and I spoke to the first years this morning.

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On Nationalism and the Intolerance Around Brexit


Quite recently the issue of national identity was raised in my class.

Now as someone who takes a great deal of pride in my British nationality, my beliefs tend to cause a bit of a stir whenever I voice them (for reasons I will soon get into) and as a result I’m no stranger to the usual myriad of offense taking and name-calling that usually goes on in these kinds of discussions.

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